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R500: Taking crossbow innovation to the next level

Step up your hunting game – the completely silent R500 takes innovation to the next level. Our new proprietary HexCoil Cam System rotates the cams an incredible 360˚, transforming traditional crossbows into the fastest (500 FPS!), most accurate, and compact models ever seen.

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R18: Small but mighty

The R18 is the shortest Ravin ever created – just 25" in total length and 18" without the stock. Our VertiCoil Cam System rotates the ultra-small cams 720º, allowing for unbelievable compactness. Includes detachable stock and built-in cocking mechanism for easy drawing.

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R29X: Go stealth mode

Transform yourself into a lightning fast 450 FPS shadow with the R29X featuring integrated Silent Cocking System. Powered by HeliCoil Technology, and just 6.75 pounds, it's made for easy maneuvering in tight spaces without sacrificing control or comfort.

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2022 Florida Gator Hunt
R500 & R29X Crossbows



For Apex Hunters and shooters always striving to level up – Ravin is continuously innovating to do the same. Our breakthrough tech transforms traditional crossbows into the fastest, most accurate, and most intuitive models ever seen.


Hunters swear by the ease, surgical precision, and penetration of Ravin broadheads. Designed as single piece ferrule with internal spring clip (no lock rings or o-rings), these blades deploy upon impact, inflicting a 2" diameter cut.


Precision engineered for maximum accuracy and consistency. Ravin arrows and nocks are a proprietary tool with unmatched durability.


Ravin cases are made of premium materials and thoughtfully designed to protect your crossbows and gear during transport and in the field, no matter the conditions.


Ravin scopes and optics are crafted of durable, highest quality glass, and made for easy eye placement and intuitive sighting in. Ravin scopes are designed so the shooter can easily calibrate for the specific speed of their crossbow resulting in an optimal hunt experience.


Ravin enthusiasts are about capability and function over fashion – our stylish and thoughtfully designed apparel prioritizes both. There's no better way to rep your favorite brand, and no better way for us to rep you.


Next level crossbows demand gear of the same caliber. Ravin accessories are every bit as performance-first as your crossbow. Find everything you need to make every hunt, the big one.


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