Valhalla is a Ravin-led program that supports active-duty military servicepeople, veterans, and organizations that protect and conserve wildlife and habitat. We champion those who protect and preserve the United States as part of repaying the debt we owe to each of these true heroes. We celebrate the untamed wild of the outdoors, working alongside our nonprofit partners to educate hunters and other Americans in support of conservation. Through Valhalla, we incubate ideas, share powerful stories, and collaborate with other companies that honor the same heroes and our shared land.

This is Valhalla

Honoring and supporting America’s selfless heroes and our partners in land conservation.

This is the ultimate high ground.

We present Valhalla as reward for sacrifice and service, but only to those who are first to defend, body and soul. If you live in the apex zone and rule the outdoors—where your heartbeat slows even as intensity grows, this is for you. Here, we cut no corners and seek no quarter. Our quest is nothing less than the absolute pinnacle—and that’s an ascent we’ll conquer again and again.

Valhalla is the warriors’ eternal throne. The soldier, the first responder, the veteran, and the driven soul earn this honor and reap the wild outdoors as their reward. We give back to those that sacrifice—offering more than we take. If you make the most of life, here is your path.

Welcome to Valhalla.