Recall Re-Announcement

Important Product Safety Reminder – September 8, 2021

Since December 2017, all new Ravin® products were shipped with orange Ravin® clip-on nocks. If you have orange nocks, your Ravin® products are up to date! However, if you purchased a product built prior to December 2017, you may have original white clip-on nocks and/or an older instruction manual. In that case, please review this product safety notice.

If you still have any older Ravin® arrows with the original white clip-on nocks, Ravin requests that you remove and destroy the existing white nocks from arrows and replace them with orange Ravin® clip-on nocks. The orange Ravin® clip-on nocks reduce the chance that users fail to fully engage the nock with the bowstring. If the white nock is not fully clipped to the bowstring, the Ravin® Crossbow may not discharge when the trigger is pulled.

This Reminder only applies to white Ravin® clip-on nocks and not to any Ravin® Crossbows or Ravin® arrows with orange nocks.

You can obtain orange nocks and a nock installation tool and instructions for your Ravin® Crossbow free of charge by doing one of the following:

  1. Fill out the recall submission form on this page.
  2. Email Ravin at [email protected].
  3. Call Ravin Customer Service at 888-298-6335.

In December 2017, Ravin updated its instruction manual. This update is shown below. If you have an original manual, please go to the Ravin website and download the current manual applicable to your product (see

If you have any remaining white nocks, please return them to Ravin at the address noted below to receive a credit of up to $1.00 for each white nock returned toward future purchases on the Ravin website.

Ravin Crossbows LLC
Attn: White Nock Return
3535 Tower Ave
Superior, WI 54880

WARNING – IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION MANUAL UPDATE: If the bow fails to discharge when the trigger is pulled, users should move the Safety to the SAFE position, point the bow in a safe direction, uncock the bow without removing the arrow. Once the bow is uncocked, remove the arrow and re-cock and re-load the bow as instructed in the Ravin Instruction Manual. If the Ravin® Crossbow still does not discharge, move the Safety to the SAFE position, point the bow in a safe direction, and uncock the bow without removing the arrow. Do not fire the bow further and contact the Ravin® Customer Service.

Everyone who uses the Ravin® Crossbow must read and understand the Ravin® Instruction Manual before crossbow use. As noted in the Instruction Manual, always fully engage the Ravin® clip-on nock with the bowstring. It requires about 5 pounds of force to fully engage a Ravin® clip-on nock with the bowstring, so push firmly. You should hear an audible click. If you are unsure whether the arrow is fully nocked, completely remove the arrow from the bowstring and try again.

To minimize the risk of serious injury or death, it is important for all users and owners to follow these safety precautions:

  • NEVER place any part of your body into the bowstring path. Always keep your hand forward of the string stops.
  • Use only Ravin® branded arrows with Ravin® clip-on nocks recommended for your Ravin® Crossbow.
  • Verify the safety is in the SAFE position before loading, unloading, or uncocking your crossbow.
  • Carefully hold the arrow with your index and middle fingers and your thumb just behind the broadhead or point.
  • Never position your hand in front of the arrow tip.
  • Fully engage the Ravin® clip-on nock with the bowstring.
  • Always point your Ravin® Crossbow in a safe direction when loading, unloading, or uncocking.

Be sure to follow all instructions and safety precautions in the Instruction Manual including all maintenance instructions recommended at certain intervals. Keep manual for future reference by current and future users.


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