Effective January 1, 2022


Ravin Crossbows, LLC (“Ravin”) has been a leader in the crossbow category. We recognize that our success is tied to the success of our network of dealers.

We also know that many of our dealers invest significant time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience. We want to protect their ability to do so, while at the same time discourage price-based advertising that would be detrimental to our dealers’ service and support efforts. As a result, Ravin has unilaterally established this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy.

Policy Statement

Ravin, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to discontinue doing business with any distributor/dealer that advertises any product(s) covered by this MAP Policy at a price lower that the MAP.

3. General Guidelines

  1. The products covered by this policy are listed in Section 5, (“MAP Product(s)”). Ravin may in its sole discretion modify this list from time to time.
  2. The MAP Policy applies to advertised prices, not the price at which MAP Product(s) are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual in-store or over the telephone.

4. Advertising Guidelines

  1. The MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of MAP Product(s) in any and all media, including but not limited to flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, television, radio, and public signage, as well as online sites, social media sites, apps, or any other electronic media.
  2. The MAP Policy does not apply to solely on premise or in-store advertising that is not distributed to customers
  3. It shall not be a violation of this MAP Policy to advertise like “meet or beat the competition” which invites a negotiation, but the advertised price cannot be below Ravin MAP price.
  4. It shall not be a violation of this MAP Policy to advertise in general that the dealer has “the lowest prices” or will match or beat its competitors’ prices, or to use similar phrases so long as the dealer does not include any advertised price below MAP and otherwise complies with this MAP Policy.
  5. It shall not be a violation of this MAP Policy to offer a gift card that is redeemable for value on a future purchase so long as the gift card is not used to advertise a sales price lower than the MAP price.
  6. Examples of violation under this MAP Policy are as follows:
    1. Website features such as “click for price”, “see price in cart”, “add to cart for best price”, automated “bounce-back” pricing emails, pre-formatted email responses, forms, and automatic price display for any items prior to being placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and other similar features are considered to be communications initiated by the distributor or dealer (rather than by the End-User).
    2. Any statement or language that allows a recalculation of the advertised price to be made, such as “20% off prices shown everyday” or call for “$50 off this price,” if such recalculated advertised price is below the Minimum Advertised Price for that MAP Product unless the statement or language is pursuant to a Ravin-sponsored promotional pricing reflected in a Promotional Price List.
    3. Including free or otherwise discounted products (whether Ravin products or another’s products) along with the sale of MAP Products if such inclusion has the effect of discounting the advertised price of the Product below the Minimum Advertised Price for that Product or offers a sales price lower than the combined price of what the two (2) or more products could be purchased for independent of each other.
    4. Combining one or more MAP Product(s) with any other product(s), often referred to as “bundling” or “variations”, to advertise a sales price lower than the combined price of what the two (2) or more products could be purchased independent of each other.*
    5. Advertising and offering non-Ravin issued rebates (in any form) on MAP Product(s).
  7. * The dealer may bundle a MAP Product with one or more non-MAP Ravin branded accessories (the “Value Add Bundle”) under the following conditions:
    1. The dealer offers the Value Add Bundle at its own cost;
    2. The Value Add bundle does not exceed 5% of the total MAP price of the MAP Product;
    3. The dealer’s advertisement of the Value Add Bundle separately lists the MAP-compliant price for the MAP Product from the Value Add Bundle Price in the same type size and style;
    4. The dealers advertisement of the Value Add Bundle must clearly state that the non-MAP Ravin branded accessories are added to the Value Add Bundle as a value add; and
    5. The dealer limits the offer of the Value Add Bundle to one or more of the following platforms:
      1. the dealer’s physical store;
      2. the dealer’s own website;
      3. the dealer’s own social media, print, and/or outbound communication from the dealer to the consumer market; or
      4. a third party online marketplace used by the dealer to offer the MAP Product
  8. From time to time, Ravin may permit dealers to advertise MAP Product(s) at prices lower than the MAP retail price. In such events, Ravin reserves the right to modify or suspend the MAP retail price with respect to the affected products for a specified period of time by providing advance notice to all dealers of such changes.
  9. From time to time Ravin may offer a direct manufacturer’s rebate to consumers. In such events, it shall not be a violation of this MAP Policy to advertise the availability of the manufacturer’s rebate, provided that:
    1. the advertisement includes a MAP-compliant price, the rebate amount, and the net price after manufacturer’s rebate in the same type size and style;
    2. an asterisk is placed next to the net price after manufacturer’s rebate; and
    3. “*after manufacturer’s rebate” appears in the same area of the advertisement as the advertised product.

5. Policy Enforcement

  1. If a dealer with multiple store locations violates this MAP Policy at any one store location, or on any associated website, then Ravin will consider this to be a violation by the dealer.
  2. Any distributor/dealer selling through an online web site below MAP, as a third party dealer, will immediately be suspended until corrections are completed. Multiple violations can result in permanent suspension. The online dealer will also be restricted in obtaining any new product models until MAP policy guidelines are followed for all participants on the retail site they are providing as a selling platform. Continued disregard by online provider can result in further restrictions up to and including suspension of buying privileges both directly and through distribution.
  3. Any wrong, or misinformation about Ravin, our product, warranties, policies, or product attributes, published either online, on in print, can also lead to suspension of shipments.
  4. Ravin’s MAP Policy Administrator is solely responsible for determining whether a violation of the MAP Policy has occurred.
  5. Should Ravin find that a dealer has violated the Ravin MAP policy, that dealer will be asked to immediately correct the violation. If dealer does not immediately correct the violation a second notice will be sent. If a dealer does not correct their pricing within 48 hours of the second notice, all Ravin distributors will be notified to immediately suspend shipments to these dealers for a minimum of 90 Days. If the same dealer continues to violate MAP or has a second violation after suspension has been removed, all Ravin distributors will be notified to immediately suspend shipments to that dealer for a minimum of 12 months.
  6. All Ravin distributors will also be notified of the violator’s identity and that they are to immediately suspend shipments to the dealer until they are notified by Ravin, that the violation has been corrected.
  7. Any Ravin distributor found to be selling to a suspended dealer will be notified in writing to immediately follow the MAP suspension. If there is a second violation from the same distributor, this will result in suspension of shipments for a minimum of 90 Days.
  8. Ravin monitors the advertised prices of dealers, either directly or via the use of 3rd party agencies or tools. Dealers are expected to provide reasonable cooperation in any Ravin investigations regarding possible MAP Policy violations. Hindering, obstructing, delaying, or otherwise failing to cooperate with a Ravin MAP Policy investigation is a violation of this MAP Policy.
  9. The MAP Policy will be enforced by Ravin in its sole discretion and without notice. Distributors and dealers have no right to enforce the MAP Policy. Violations of this policy may result in any of the aforementioned sanctions up to and including termination of our business relationship, as well as any available remedies at law. All questions related to this MAP Policy should be directed to: mapadministrator@velocity-outdoor.com.
UPC Part # Item MAP
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815942020050 R005 Ravin R5X $1,499.99
815942020159 R015 Ravin R10X $1,799.99
815942020142 R014 Ravin R10 Predator Camo $1,299.99
815942020272 R027 Ravin R26X $1,999.99
815942020401 R040 Ravin R29X $2,599.99
815942020432 R043 Ravin R29X Sniper Package $2,999.99
815942020500 R050 Ravin R500 $2,999.99
815942020517 R051 Ravin R500 Sniper Package $3,399.99
815942020524 R052 Ravin R500 Electric $3,299.99
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