Travel Confidently With a Crossbow Carrying Case

Having the opportunity to travel for an archery hunt is always exciting, but it does come with its own caliber of stress. Traveling with expensive gear and the expectation of your equipment arriving at your destination in one piece and ready to hunt can be nerve-wracking. 

If you’re traveling by car and have more control over how your crossbow travel case and gear get handled, you can be more confident that all will be well. However, if you’ve ever sat on the tarmac while airport personnel tossed your luggage onto a conveyor belt into the belly of a plane, you know that feeling of dread.

Having a high-quality crossbow carrying case is imperative if you want to keep your investment protected. That’s why Ravin Crossbows offers a case solution for every Ravin crossbow model.

Ravin Soft Cases

Ravin Crossbows offers soft case solutions custom-designed for the R26/R29X/R500 Series and the R10/R20 Series. These cases allow for storage of a fully assembled crossbow with a mounted scope. The exterior is durable denier nylon with reinforced, heavy-duty nylon handles and a 3/4-length zipper to allow full access to the interior. The inside is thickly padded with a soft lining and customizable divider walls, which allow for additional storage. Both crossbow carrying case options offer two large zippered exterior pockets for arrow, quiver, or other gear storage. 

What makes both these Ravin soft cases stand out is their backpack-style straps, which allow you to conveniently carry them on your back with your hands free. Ravin soft cases are the perfect protection for carrying a crossbow on an ATV in arid, dusty areas or for those early, dew-laden mornings traveling to your stand.

Ravin Hard Case

One of the most popular crossbow travel case options Ravin offers is the Ravin Hard Case, often referred to as a coffin case. The Ravin Hard Case for R10/R20/R500 Series and the R26/R29/R29X are similar in both design and features. These durable hard-shell crossbow carrying cases are crafted from water-resistant reinforced polymer with a manual ambient pressure equalizer valve. Cam-over latches secure the lid, and four padlock holes offer additional security. The case has custom pre-cut foam inserts designed to stow your Ravin crossbow fully assembled with mounted scope, quiver, and arrows. Storage areas are built into the case for accessories to be stored securely. The two in-line style smooth glide wheels make it convenient for traveling. 

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Ravin Arrow Case

Most crossbow carrying cases include arrow storage. However, on trips where road vibration, engine vibration, or even air turbulence are factors, there remains a risk that arrows can dislodge from the inner case storage slots and end up free-floating in the case. 

Traveling with an arrow case in addition to your crossbow carrying case can keep your arrows secure and protect their fletching. The Ravin Arrow Case is a molded semi-rigid construction that measures 23” x 4.5” x 2” and offers complete protection to your arrows and fletching. The interior allows for the storage of six arrows securely in the notched foam holders. A heavy-duty zipper allows the case to open and lay flat. When zipped closed, it can be hung by the hanging loop or stacked on any flat surface. A convenient nylon side handle makes carrying these cases simple. 

Ravin Broadhead Case

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For travel, storing broadheads is the only safe way to prevent damage to your gear. The new Ravin Broadhead Case is a unique compact design that uses magnets to store sharp broadheads safely. The case has two sides, holding three broadheads each, for storage of a total of six broadheads. The transparent covers allow you to see the broadheads inside when the case is closed and securely latched shut.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Case

The apex hunter needs a suitable crossbow carrying case for storage and travel. Investing in a crossbow travel case solution is just as important as investing in the right crossbow. Protect your Ravin crossbow and gear with any of these crossbow travel and storage cases so you can travel anywhere for your next hunt with confidence.