The Ultimate Authority on Hunting Trophy Black Bear

Jon R. Remus, author of “The Ultimate Authority on Hunting Trophy Black Bear”, doubled down on two consecutive trophies just months apart, with his new Ravin R10. Read further to see how it all came together.

While in Superior, WI – researching for his publication –  Jon noticed the Ravin logo adorning the side of a large commercial building. Being a crossbow enthusiast, he had to pull in. The timing was great as Jon was able to catch the attention of Jay Proetz, a sales Representative for Ravin Crossbows. As the two exchanged information, it was revealed that Jay was a pivotal factor in fast-tracking the shipment of a Ravin R10 to Jon, just prior to the season opener in Ontario, Canada. 

As a 30-year archery insider and veteran archery pro shop owner, it didn’t take long for Jon to fine tune and practice until fully confident with the pinpoint accuracy and blazing speed of the R10’s 400fps.

The Ravin 100-yard illuminated 450 scope reduced the need for a lengthy sighting-in process. Starting at 20 yards until centered, and moving back to 50 yards, and centering again, allows for the speed ring adjustment to calibrate the entire yardage tape scale. The only concern was robin-hooding another arrow’s shaft, while crowding the bullseye.

The setup was perfectly matched with the addition of Ravin 400 carbon arrows and Ravin 416 steel mechanical broadheads. Jon said, “there is no way I’m disturbing the engineering symmetry with aftermarket accessories.” 

Jon’s favorite location is the Ontario / Minnesota border,  adjacent to the huge Quetico Provincial Park boundary waters. The two best times to target trophy bears are during the June Rut–the mating period–and late September once the berry crops wither after the first frost. Baiting bears offers a close up inspection before shooting, to determine true size, hide condition, sex and whether alone or raising cubs – which determines whether or not the bear is on or off limits.

To prepare and get ready, Jon uses Google Earth to pinpoint a site with all the essential geographic elements; including travel routes, small marshy bodies of water, old timber cuts and adjacent, limited agricultural crops. It's imperative to be in the stand early so the crossbow can be cranked in position and your arrow pre-loaded. His advice is to always be ready, as bears appear silently on padded feet.

As with all trophy game, it's in the final minutes of fading light, when the almost 390 lb. sow slumbered into the tight clearing. The scope collected and focused the remaining light and turned on the illuminated reticle, and offered a clear aiming point to the broadside vitals. The Ravin arrow tipped with the steel mechanical broadhead sliced through two ribs before its trajectory took out one lung and the top of the heart. This exceptional female black bear was down in under 20 yards. 

Crossbow bear hunt

Another Big Bear Hunt

Several months later, in the September open season, a well placed ladderstand was set up in the corner of an abandoned 1800’s homestead. Jon noticed a huge apple tree and nearby chain of ponds, which would serve as ideal black bear territory. The woods were thick and dense, except for some golden grass fringing the downwind side of the stand. Three quality bears over 250 pounds were circling the area. Suddenly, all of them stopped and looked up, it was an indicative sign that the dominant boar was about to appear. Sure enough, silent and scent testing the air, a huge male emerged and dwarfed the others twofold. 

The other bears’ indifference seemed palpable, which gave Jon time to mount his R10 silently and quickly. Turning the scope illumination dial to the brightest setting dot meant there was going to be quick action afoot.

The boar whirled around, typically looking for what just swatted its flanks, before crashing back in the direction of dense cover. This monster boar had no time to expel air and resonate the erie death moan, that typically accompanies a double lung shot. Just like before, the wound laceration created by the Ravin’s speed, kinetic energy and 2 inch swath of the100 grain expandable broadhead, rivaled the exit wound of a slug or high caliber bullet. This fall harvest tipped the scale at 459 lbs. Remus, known for his killer instincts and apex hunting skills noted “thanks to Ravin this was my most successful bear hunting season to date.”