Ravin Expert Picks

The Apex of Ravin, Selected by Our VP of Product Development

Archery expert and Vice President of Product Development, Doug Guthrie, knows Ravin. His top product picks are serious, and that’s why we pay attention.

If you’re looking for the ideal crossbow and gear for your hunt, listen to Doug. Here are his top three Ravin products for 2023:

R10X XK7

Delivering what Doug calls the “perfect balance of size and speed,” the Ravin R10X XK7 is 2023’s upgraded version of Ravin’s best-selling bow. To the R10’s traditional stock, the R10X adds an adjustable comb and buttstock, so hunters can fine-tune their eye position and customize the length of pull for improved accuracy. Moving the cocking handle storage into the stock also makes the R10X easier to transport while pulling weight from the front of the bow to the back, for better balance.

You can get the Ravin R10X in Stealth Black, but Doug prefers the XK7 model, finished in Kings' XK7 camo for added stealth. That model also comes with a new 100-Yard Illuminated Crossbow Scope with an integrated speed lock feature, so you can lock-in your fps adjustment for next-level confidence in your shot.


If you’re looking to move light and lean, Doug points to the Ravin R18. This ultra-compact model is the smallest Ravin has ever made, and perfect for saddle hunters. It uses the ground-breaking Ravin VertiCoil Cam System on the R18’s takedown-style vertical crossbow limbs to deliver extreme accuracy in a bow just 4.75” wide. The R18 is small enough with its stock detached to fit in a backpack while still packing serious 330 fps punch.

The R18 is a one-of-a-kind crossbow for those seeking an apex hunting experience.


Ravin Arrow Case

Doug’s third pick is the Ravin Arrow Case — the best way to store and transport arrows to the field.

Having the ultimate crossbow isn’t going to do you any good if your arrows get damaged on your trek in. With this case, semi-rigid material protects up to six arrows from the kinds of abuse gear might normally take getting from home to hide. This case is designed to fit inside a Ravin Soft Case along with your crossbow, so your bow and arrows stay undamaged and ready for the hunt.