Labor Day Is About the People of Ravin


Meet one of Ravin’s apex employees.  

Labor Day is more than a day off of work — it’s a day off in honor of all the workers who make America possible. This holiday was pushed into being by labor activists over a hundred years ago, and it’s to those working men and women of the United States we show our respect. Sure, we’ll have a sale because that’s what you do, but we’ll also take a moment to honor the workers who put Ravin at the apex.

This Labor Day, we want to introduce you to our very first employee — Martha Lippai.

labor_day_employeeMartha is now the Ravin Senior Staff Accountant. Back in 2015, however, when Ravin was just getting ramped up, she was living in Hayward, Wisconsin, doing accounting for other folks, and enjoying hunting trips with family and friends. Martha grew up in the Superior, WI area — where Ravin is located — and was looking to be closer to family. When she saw that Ravin was looking for a bookkeeper, right away she recognized that the job was perfect for her.

And we agreed. In December 2015, Ravin was comprised of the partners who started the company and the CFO. We were working out of temporary offices while our new ones were made ready, and we hadn’t even started manufacturing product yet. Into that untrammeled landscape came Martha — and she tamed it!

Martha took an all-hands-on-deck approach to her work at Ravin. On top of accounting, she handled purchasing, supply orders, setting up customers, and even answering the phones. It was, she says, “a very exciting, hectic time for the industry and for Ravin.”

As Ravin grew and brought on more staff, Martha got promoted to Staff Accountant and then, recently, Senior Staff Accountant.

Martha shares, “When everything comes together and you see all the great product going out, you get this feeling of ‘Wow, it’s great to be part of Ravin.’ Just seeing all the people on the floor working so hard to put these exceptional bows together. And when I tell people I work at Ravin, they say, ‘Oh you do!' and that’s also a great feeling.”

When she’s not at work, Martha does her share of hunting. As much as possible, she goes with her significant other, her son, and her brother. Last year, her brother used his Ravin R10 hunting for the first time and got two deer. Martha tried out her Ravin, too, but wasn’t as successful — she’s aiming to get her first harvest with the crossbow this season. Even if she doesn’t, that’s okay. It’s just nice to be out in the quiet woods.

We’re glad to have Martha on the team as our first — and hopefully first lifelong — employee. She says, “We have a great team at Ravin and I think Ravin is where it is today because of how hard we all work.” We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s to Martha, all our Ravin employees, and all the workers who make the United States possible.