Inside the Ravin Broadhead Program

The Apex of Ravin, Selected by Our VP of Product Development

We caught up with Doug Guthrie, VP of Product Development to see how Ravin Broadheads optimize and enhance Ravin’s undisputed reign on accuracy.

Ravin 06 Feature 3

How did you land on the Ravin broadhead design?

When doing the research and development I didn’t limit the team to a type of broadhead. We wanted to find the best design that fit our requirements. The biggest part of it is ultimately letting our team get creative and put the product through the rigors of testing. That means setting repeatable parameters and the ability to adapt the design variables to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a prototype before we decide what’s ready for production.

Ultimately, we landed on a slip-cam

Once we tested for months, we felt like we had a product that paired perfectly as a system to our crossbows. We knew that making our own broadhead was going to offer a best-case accuracy because manufacturing them in the same performance ecosystem would yield the best product outcomes.

What do you tell people about the differences between aluminum, steel, and titanium broadheads?

It’s interesting. Archers are finicky. We all look for different things in different broadheads. The shape, the weight, the materials. At Ravin, we’re no different. We liked all three for different reasons. It’s funny, as a group we talked about which one to make for days. And then we realized that making all three made the most sense.

Ravin 06 Feature 4

Will you ever develop a fixed-blade broadhead?

Broadheads are patent-heavy, and when you look at fixed blades, there’s only so much innovation to explore. But we do get calls from customers interested in them, so I have some ideas that I’m exploring but have no immediate plans to release that specific product.


Ravin 06 Feature 1

What’s your best-selling broadhead?

We sell a lot of steel broadheads, but the aluminum and titanium products aren’t far behind. The aluminum is my favorite, probably because of the orange. Our cornerstone is accuracy, and each of the three broadheads wouldn’t be available if they didn’t enhance and optimize accuracy as a core of their function.