Take on the Everglades with the R500 and R29X


What happens when you pair a special forces veteran with the world's best crossbows? 

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Meet Army Special Forces (retired) veteran Dan Hughes, a Team Valhalla member who spent the day hunting gators with Townsend & Sons Everglades Outfitters. Equipped with a couple of Ravin Crossbows, Dan and his crew built up an appetite and brought home enough alligator for a Florida-style feast. 

Grab a seat in the swamp boat to get a clear view of their hunt and of how Ravin’s latest models perform: 

A leader in innovation and advanced technology, Ravin’s R500 shoots arrows at 500 FPS with extreme accuracy and penetration power. You need a serious weapon like this if you want to pierce the thick hide of an alligator. The Ravin R29X, weighing in at 6.75 LBS, also proves its worthiness with a successful harvest. To get a gator, you need to puncture this prehistoric beast’s armor in a spot the size of a quarter—and the R29X has that kind of accuracy, even at distance.  

Welcome to the apex of the hunt. 

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Ready to try your hand at hunting Ravin-style? Find the right crossbow for you from our line-up of elite options.