We don’t play by the accepted norms, we chart our own path – with innovation and a drive to do it better. Not fans of the status quo, we prefer shaking things up. Taking risks and defying convention comes with the territory. Results come from taking your own course of action and blazing a new trail. At the end of the day, it’s the mavericks that are changing the world.

We are hard-core hunters and product designers who eat, breathe and live the Ravin way. Years of working closely with the most brilliant engineers have enabled us to re-invent the crossbow with Helicoil Technology resulting in an incredibly efficient, compact, fast, and balanced crossbow with rifle-like accuracy that’s never been seen before.

That was just our beginning. Since then we have never stopped relenting and never stopped pushing to create the best, most accurate, most innovative crossbows on earth. As die-hard hunters ourselves, we thrive when your big game hunt ends with victory.