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How long should strings last?

We recommend changing the strings and cables about every two years or 200 shots, whichever occurs first. The string life can vary depending on the care and maintenance, the amount of shots and weather conditions during use.

How long can i keep my crossbow cocked?

It is safe to keep your crossbow cocked while you are hunting in a stationary position. For personal safety reasons do not stalk or walk to or from your hunting location with your ravin crossbow cocked. Do not keep your crossbow cocked for more than about 8 hours.

Why does my crossbow shoot high or low?

If you are using field points, you can simply adjust the sights to correct the problem. If you are using broadheads the blades of the broadhead may be catching air as they fly. This problem is only correctable by using a different type or brand of broadhead.

Why are some broadheads inaccurate?

The design of some broadheads is not conducive to accurate shooting with a crossbow. Some broadheads have an extremely large surface area, blade shape, or other design characteristics that do not fly well. If the broadheads have too much surface area or a very large cutting diameter, they will catch air in flight and may move off target. Do not use fixed-blade broadheads with a maximum diameter greater than 1 5/8”. Use only mechanical broadheads rated for crossbows. Premature blade opening can deflect the arrow in an unintended direction and damage the Ravin Crossbow.

What type of arrows should i use with my crossbow?

Use only Ravin-branded arrows with Ravin clip-on nocks recommended for your Ravin Crossbow.

What type of nocks should i use with my crossbow?

Use only Ravin clip-on nocks recommended for your Ravin Crossbow.

What size dovetail is on the scope mount?

The size of the dovetail on the Ravin Crossbows is standard 7/8” picatinny style rail.

Why should i register my crossbow?

Product registration is for your safety and convenience. Unless you register your product we will be unable to send you important updates about your crossbow.

Where is the serial number located on my crossbow?

Crossbow serial numbers are located on the inside of the rail

What is the warranty on my Ravin Crossbow?

New Ravin Crossbows are covered under a five-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the stock, trigger and cocking mechanism, and limb assembly, when used normally in accordance with ravin's published instructions and guidelines. Our liability extends to parts, labor and return transportation to the customer and is non-transferable. This limited warranty does not cover strings, cables, scopes, arrows, transportation of product to our service center; damage caused by abuse, dry firing, using arrows other than Ravin-branded arrows recommended for your crossbow, failure to follow safety advice and usage instructions in the manual, modification or failure to perform normal maintenance; or any other expenses or damage to property or person. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

How do i obtain service for my crossbow?

To obtain service you must call our customer service number (715-718-3574) for a return authorization number (RA#) prior to sending the unit. Write the RA# on the outside of the package, along with the words "service return." Attach a note to the product containing your name, address, telephone number and description of the problem. Carefully package and return the product, transportation charges pre-paid, to the factory (collect shipments will not be accepted)

What if i have more questions?

For further inquires call our customer service number at (715-718-3574) or email us at

69 North 28th Street
Suite 500
Superior, WI 54880
Toll-free: 800-382-2337
Phone: 715-718-3574