Important Product Safety Reminder (07-28-17)

Your Ravin® Crossbow is specifically engineered to work with genuine Ravin-branded arrows and nocks and Ravin-branded strings and cables.  Ravin has determined that the use of non-Ravin arrows and nocks or non-Ravin strings and cables may cause the system to not operate as designed, potentially resulting in an unsafe condition that could lead to serious injury or death. 

Please read and follow the Warnings in your Instruction Manual about not using non-Ravin components or replacement parts. 

To minimize the risk of serious injury or death, it is important for all users and owners to follow these safety precautions:

  • NEVER USE NON-RAVIN BRAND ARROWS OR NOCKS.  Non-Ravin arrows or nocks not accurately designed for use with the Ravin Crossbow may not have the same designs, dimensions, tolerances, or materials, potentially interfering with the operation of the anti-dry fire or trigger mechanisms, creating a risk of serious injury or death.  Use only Ravin branded arrows with Ravin clip-on nocks recommended for your Ravin Crossbow. 
  • NEVER SHOOT A CROSSBOW WITH A WORN OR DAMAGED BOWSTRING, AND NEVER SHOOT A CROSSBOW WITH A CENTER SERVING THAT HAS SEPARATED.  Firing your Ravin Crossbow with worn or damaged strings and cables may interfere with the fit of the nock on the bowstring, causing the trigger and anti-dry fire system to not operate as designed. 
  • NEVER USE NON-RAVIN® STRINGS AND CABLES ON YOUR RAVIN® CROSSBOW.  NEVER RE-SERVE OLD BOWSTRINGS.  Replace strings and cables at least every two years or 400 shots, whichever occurs first, or sooner if wear or damage is visible, or if there is any separation on the serving.  Improperly maintained strings could break and/or cause a dry fire event in the crossbow. 

Everyone who uses the Ravin Crossbow must read the Ravin Instruction Manual before crossbow use.  Be sure to follow all instructions and safety precautions in this manual.  Keep manual for future reference by current and future users.

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